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    Order Enquiries

    I have not received emails updates about my order.

    Please check the spam or junk mail as sometimes the email could go in there If you haven’t added us as contact. If you still can’t locate it, please reach out to us and we will provide another one.


    I need the perfume oil for a particular brand, but it’s not in your collection, how can I get it?

    If we don’t have in stock the perfume oil you want, send us a request email at to source for the perfume oil for you. As we have said our customers are our priority and so we will endeavour to bring the best high-end oils to you at your request If we don’t have it but you want it.


    Why does it crash sometimes when I try to place an order?

    We work on our website occasionally so this could be the case. If you do experience such at any time, give it 1-2 hours, then try again, if it persist, then email support at

    I have already placed an order, but I no longer want it, can I get a refund?

    If your order has already been dispatched, you will have to return it back to us unopened, unused and in the same condition it was sent to you for you to be refunded. If on the other hand your order has not been delivered, you can contact us to cancel the order before it is dispatched.

    Why was I charged twice when I placed my order?

    This issue is a PayPal one. few of our customers have encountered this. As the Payment was done with PayPal, you will have to contact them to get a refund for the 2nd charge.

    Issues on Shipping

    Why is delivery taking so long?

    Our shipping method is by Royal Mail 1st Class Signed. Royal mostly deliver such items the next working day. But in unforeseen circumstances, it could take up to 10 working days for you to get it.

    If for any reason it is delayed, check the tracking number you were provided in your confirmation email. It could be that Royal mail haven’t attempted to deliver your item. If it then happens you haven’t received your order within 10 working days, please let us know so we can resend the order to you.

    I have not received my order for a couple of weeks now. Could you please contact Royal mail?

    We unfortunately have the same information as you. In this regard, whoever sends the package is in the best position to contact Royal Mail as they will be able to provide the main information such as GPS location of the order.

    My tracking returned a delivered message, but I have not received the order.

    In this case, we would ask that you check safe places, like you Bins and the shed or ask your neighbours if it has been delivered to them.  If not contact Royal Mail as they will have the specific information of the whereabouts of the package.

    I mistakenly inputted a wrong address in my order. Is it possible to change this?

    If the order has been dispatched, we will have to wait for the order to be returned back to us before we can send it to your correct address.

    I did not receive any email update about my order.

    Contact us with your order details, and we will resend another order confirmation to you including your tracking number.

    Do you ship orders internationally?

    Yes, we do. But this comes with additional charges like imports and customs duties which will be paid by the customer.

    What is your method of delivery?

    We use Royal Mail 1st Class Signed. Which usually delivers the order next day, depending on the time the order was placed.

    My tracking status is not updating, could there be an issue with my order?

    Your Royal Mail tracking will only be updated when an attempt is made to deliver your package. If you haven’t seen any update, it means your order is still on the way. If your order doesn’t arrive within 10 working days, please contact us as your order might be lost.

    The Items I received is incorrect.

    Please send us the picture of the items received with your order details so we can send you a replacement.

    Issue with Bottle

    My bottle is leaking, what should I do?

    This is an extremely rare case because our bottles are very durable. But if it happens, we will ask that you send back to us the leaking bottles and we will replace it immediately we get the leaking ones back.

    If my bottles arrived broken, how do I get a new one?

    As much as this is rare because our bottles are very durable, we would always replace any broken bottles with new ones. But to be certain, we would ask that you send picture evidence of the broken bottles before sending it to us for replacement.

    My bottle has no roller, can I get a new bottle?

    As much as this is a very rare situation because our oils are carefully packaged, and it will hardly miss a roller unnoticed. But yes, you could get a new bottle depending on the condition of the bottle, we would send you a new rollerball which can be easily replaced on your old bottle if it is still in a good condition.

    My roller is not working, how can this be fixed?

    Rollers arrive tight to avoid leakages during transit, they loosen with constant usage. If it too tight, press it down with your finger or better still on a hard surface and try to use your finger to roll it. It shouldn’t be pressed too hard to the point that it breaks. This should work, but If it doesn’t please email us at with your order details.

    My label has not been applied properly, or is coming out what should I do?

    We apply all our labels by hand, meaning sometimes it could come off. Unfortunately, this is normal with hands application, we apologise for that.   We are happy to resend labels to you to replace on the bottle or you can send the bottle back to us for a replacement.

    The label on my bottle is damaged, can I get a new one?

    Of course, depending on how it got damaged, we will offer you a replacement bottle which you would be required to send your one back or to avoid the stress of posting to us we can send you a new label.

    Questions about scent

    My 6 & 12ML bottles seem strong than my 3ml bottles, why is that?

    Yes, the 6- & 12-ml bottles are the same but the 3ml bottles is different. They are different products but all durable, and we use the same perfume oils in all our bottles.

    My perfume oil does last long why is that?

    You need to apply enough perfume oil on the right place on your skin, which in this case is your pulse points, your skin should be moisturized making your body warm to enhance the smell of your perfume oil.

    Why is the colour of the perfume oil in my 3, 6, & 12ml bottles different from each other?

    This is so, because the colour of the bottles can make the same oil look different in another coloured bottle, but we use the same name oils in our 3, 6, & 12ml bottles. Also bear in mind the batches we receive from our suppliers can vary from supplier to supplier because of seasonal changes to plants.

    I bought one of your oils and did not like the scent, can I get a refund?

    We do not offer refund for opened and used products. That is why it is encouraged to buy the 3ml sample of each scent to decide on the scent you want to invest on.

    Can I exchange my sample scent with another sample scent?

    No, you cannot. You could buy a set of 6 at a discounted price or buy them individually, whichever is convenient for you. Be it is recommended you buy the sample first before investing in a bigger bottle.

    Are your oils both vegan and animal friendly?

    Sure, we make use of synthetics with natural ingredients to create our luxurious long-lasting perfume oil while remaining vegan and animal friendly.

    Your product is great, where can I leave a review?

    We are happy for our customers to leave reviews of how they truly feel about our products, both in form of videos and written. You can write your reviews on our Facebook page. See link below.


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